Windermere Reflections Geophysical Surveys

During May 2014 we were engaged by Oxford Archaeology North to carry out a series of geophysical surveys on four, bloomery, sites around Windermere Lake as part of the Windermere Reflections Project. This is a community survey project, funded by the Lake District National Park Authority which has been looking at the landscape of the Windermere Catchment. Four sites were investigated, High Stott (Black Hole Wood Estate), Cinder Nab (Ridding Bay, Finsthwaite), Ghyll Head and Blelham Tarn with the help of local volunteers. Of particular note was the detailed survey of Blelham Tarn, a rare water-powered bloomery site which was surveyed at a resolution of a 0.25 m grid giving superb results which were then used by Oxford Archaeology North to target their excavations.